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Welcome to Whit Taylor's Portfolio

Greetings! I'm Whit Taylor, also known as un1tycyb3r in the cyber world. As a passionate security researcher and the lead security engineer at H&R Block, I specialize in uncovering vulnerabilities and fortifying digital defenses. Explore my portfolio to learn more about my work and insights in cybersecurity.

About Me

With nearly 9 years of experience in the cyber industry, I have honed my skills and expertise in various aspects of cybersecurity. Most recently, I have been serving as the lead security engineer at H&R Block, where I have been responsible for safeguarding critical assets and leading security initiatives.

In 2024, I embarked on a new journey, diving deep into the world of security research. This marks the beginning of my career pivot into the offensive security realm, a field that has always been my passion. Through this transition, I aim to leverage my extensive knowledge and experience to explore and mitigate potential threats from a new perspective.

Security Research Profiles

Giving Back to the Community

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