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About Us

We help business leaders secure their businesses against today’s and tomorrow’s greatest
cyber threats.

Unity Cyber is a cybersecurity solutions company focused on providing world class penetration testing, security training and consulting and compliance services.

Unity Cyber is a cybersecurity company whose goal is to make the digital world a safer place for organizations Through expertise With our years of  experience, our continual rigorous training and practice, as well as our passion to serve others, we will use knowledge and skills to secure your business.

Our Approach

First we find, then we report, then we educate, then we solve

Our Vision

To level the playing field for organizations against hackers

Our Mission

To protect you, your data

and your systems

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United Under Biblical Core Values

Biblically Centered: We weigh all that we do against scripture; our goal is to honor and glorify God in all that we do. (Mark 8:36)

Ethical: We have zero-tolerance for unethical behavior, and we will strive  to treat our clients, team, partners, vendors etc. the way we want to be treated. (Luke 6:31)

Quality Service: We dedicate ourselves to meeting our clients needs with quality service from beginning to end. (Colossians 3:23)

Talent: We will only hire the best hackers and provide them an opportunity to excel with their God-given talents. (Ephesians 2:10)

Fair Pricing: We commit to continually evaluate our pricing to ensure that our costs are fair for the level of service that we provide. (Deuteronomy 25:13-16)

Improvement: We will not be prideful, but shall take feedback and constructive criticism, create and review lessons learned after notable failures and shall proactively identify areas where we can improve individually and as a organization. (Proverbs 16:18)

Innovate: We will continue to learn and innovate new and better solutions to aid us in solving the complex problems we encounter so we can meet every need and requirement of our clients in the most efficient and effective method possible. (Proverbs 19:15)

Generosity: We will use a portion of all business revenue and profit for things that matter the most – serving those who are in need. (Matthew 6:21)

Flexibility: We will strive to be as flexible as possible in order to meet client deadlines, but we shall do this without sacrificing the quality of work, nor the flexibility we extend to our team and their families. (Proverbs 21: 5)

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